Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Visit to the Dancing Goat

This morning Forest and I headed out to Tampa to visit Pam Lunn and her urban dairy farm, The Dancing Goat. We were on a mission to pick up a truck load of goat poo to fertilizer our garden. It'd been a year since I last came to the Dancing Goat, and I was thoroughly looking forward to it. Pam and the volunteers on the farm are welcoming, and her animals are always full of personality (then again, what goat isn't?). We mucked out a stall, all the while chatting about how much we love the smell of a barn: hay, animals, feed, musty-dusty wood, and manure...mmm. Seriously, I love it. 

We got the poo we came for, and we also got to visit all of the goats, the barn cat, the horse, and two precious week-old kid goats! We also learned that Joel Salatin of Polyface, Inc. will be coming to Tampa April 19th to speak at an event called Salatin on the Suncoast. The event will be dinner and a talk by Salatin at Roosevelt 2.0, and awesome gathering place I can't wait to check out. For those who can't make it to the dinner, there will be simulcast events--"meet your local Joels"--where people can meet sustainable farmers, gardeners, and thinkers in their area and watch Joel's talk virtually. Eckerd's Sol Food Grow-Op intends to host one of the simulcast events, so keep an eye out! 

This Sunday at 1pm we'll be having another workday out in the garden, so put on your gardening hats and come on out!

As always, grow strong and plant lots of seeds.

Goats in an argan tree! (

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  1. Loved having y'all! The goaties say "come back soon". Remember we don't use chemicals on the farm so our poo, is good poo! Hope you all will host a simulcast - we are all so excited about Joel coming! Should be more babies anytime - have 4 in the maternity ward now waiting for the little buns to come out of the oven.......