Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Digging Back In, and Digging Being Back

Well fellow gardeners, thus begins Winter Term and all of the garden maintenance and pre-planting preparation that goes with it. Last Sunday we had a workday in which students and friends came out and helped water, weed, and clear some sod for a future strawberry patch and other plants. The weather was perfect--I'm hoping we'll have a couple more weeks of this mild weather because it sure makes working out in the garden all the more enjoyable. 
Some of the projects we hope to accomplish before the end of the month include: 

  • Making a trip to some local farms to pick up manure
  • Fertilizing our beds and trees with the manure, compost, and compost tea we've been collecting
  • Clearing some more bed space for the spring
  • Scrounging for lumber to make a gazebo to put at the center of the garden
  • Planting some crops (like the awesome quinoa Willow LaMonte graciously gave out at her talk for Slow Food Tampa Bay)
We'll be having workdays every Sunday at 1pm during the month of January, and a couple of us will be out weekdays tending the garden from 4:30 'til sundown. Come on out!


Here are some pictures from our Sunday Fun-day:

Various beans from the 3 sisters patch we collected for seeds
A view of the beds from the north

Our recycled water fountain-planter with an airplane plant and purslane! 

Lovely bulletin board/sign painted by Autumn Term volunteers 


Forest tends the sunflowers

Cucumber sign...only no cucumbers to go with it at the moment...

Some of the Sunday group clear weeds off the old dirt pile to make a new bed: we're thinking a crescent-shaped sweet potato and sunflower mound?

Caitlin rakes away the weeds!
Cooke ties up a tomato 
Forest plants some marigolds, our tried and true companion plant

We gather around the planting table to take a brake from shoveling

Found this guy in the old dirt pile...I hope they don't find our produce!

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