Monday, January 13, 2014

Sunday Workday with the Winter Term Crew

If you ask me, there is no time quite as nice to garden in Florida than in the cooler winter months-- January, February, and the first weeks of March. I love when I can go out to the garden wearing a sweater, some long leggings (Leonora style), and my boots. 

the garden looking awesome! 1/12/2014

This past Sunday the winter term crew met out at 10 am in the garden, all ready to get the season rollin'. Derek B, Matt, and I worked on trimming the tomatoes, and straightening them up. The tomato plants have been pretty hardy, but those large tomatoes growing on them have really weighed them down. I've got my fingers crossed, hoping that they will continue to produce tomatoes for the next couple of months. 

The crew also worked on harvesting the tomatillos and pulling out the plants. We plan on planting cabbage in their place. 

When we grew tired, we gathered around the picnic tables and planned out what we hope to grow in the beds this winter. Our plan is to have all the beds planted by the end of next week. Once March rolls around, and it gets hot enough to plant warmer weather crops, we will harvest and pull the lettuces, spinach, carrots and whatever other crop is done growing in order to make space for the new vegetables. 

Here's the map of the beds for winter term 2014. The * marks the crops to be planted in that spot. 

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