Thursday, April 18, 2013

Garden Tea Party

Our last garden meeting was also a tea party. Deb brought out a collection of dried herbs, leaves and flowers from the garden and empty tea bags. She taught us about their medicinal benefits and also turned our attention to the things in the garden that we can eat, such as the leaves of the Passion Fruit Vines and the Meyer Lemon flowers. We all filled up our tea bags as desired and enjoyed some flavorful, healthy, local and organic teas! Some of the things that we used for our tea that you can go grab right now and dry out are:

-Passion Fruit Leaves-have potential anti-cancer effects, aid in digestion and relaxation
-Guava Leaves-good for digestion, tastes a little sweet
-Lemongrass-tastes really good
-Mint and chocolate mint-gives it a minty green tea kind of taste
-Lavender-has anti-anxiety properties
-Borage-leaves and flowers-this is a good mood elevator
-Meyer lemon tree flowers-smell and taste lovely, add a nice accent to the tea

Ask Deb for more medicinal and tea uses! And go out and take advantage of these amazing resources-why drink that crappy coffee they give us here if you can walk just a bit further for some fresh herbal tea?

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