Tuesday, March 12, 2013

New Growths

Hello Spring Seedlings!

The garden has been busy getting beds weeded and planted so far this semester. Most of our plants from last semester and this winter have gone to seed/flower so we have been seed harvesting for the past week so that we will keep the successful seeds around for next year. So with the old kickin' itself out by flowering, it is time to bring in the new plants with the warming weather! Just on Monday this week we transplanted some cosmos, planted arugula, and put an eastern cedar in the ground. We've recently started some zucchini and squash, which could be our last round of these guys in the next year or so because we have to replenish our soil. We have a few other starts going too that will be planted into the beds within the coming weeks. We've planted two varieties of basil (that are beginning to sprout!), lettuce, arugula, sunflowers, and some others.

As for food that's already good for eats....
You can still eat the kai-lan or gai-lan and it's flowers (good for soups and stir-fries). The blue-star flower (aka borage, Borago officinalis) is growing well and has a few medicinal benefits in addition to being an anti-depressant. The Rainbow and regular type chard are still goin' pretty strong and there are broccoli florets which are awesome in salads. The spectacularly spicy and delicious arugula (my favorite green out there right now, if ya couldn't tell) has begun to flower so eat the lasts of it while you can!  We've still got rutabaga and turnips for life it seems and the kale has refused to die down so go grab your handfuls or bucketfuls now so we can plant some new stuff soon! The tomatoes and strawberries are starting to ripen up too-keep an eye out for these little nibbles before the ants nibble on em. So I hope you guys are going out there and gettin' creative making the sweetest of salads and dankest of stir-fries....not to mention all the awesome nutritional and sustainable benefits of your garden meals

Enjoy the noms!

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