Friday, October 5, 2012

First Week of October

           October, one month into college and it feels like one year. This week we began planting some of the marigolds, as well as other plants. One of main projects was finishing up the mulching in the garden, and it was all complete before the week's end. We also got to talk with Nathan and Tina from St. Pete Locally Grown to discuss some of the problems we've been facing in our garden this year, such as dry soil from mulching and those fire ants. We found out that mulching creates a barrier between the soil and moisture so that the mulch will absorb all the moisture while the soil remains dry. We also discovered how kill grass/weeds effectively with the method of using cardboard and mulch to dry out the grass. After this week, with our new-found knowledge, we will continue on with building up our Garden and try to understand more about it. Finally, WE NEED WORMS! We need volunteers for upcoming tours of the garden.

Stay Soiled.


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