Saturday, March 19, 2011

March Means Spring, Sprouts, Signs and a Drip Irrigation System

So much work being done. I wish I had more time to lend a hand and even just time to write about it. The Campus Garden continues to grow in multiple ways. Michael Loop and Tommy Leonard have installed piping for a primitive drip irrigation system. This will allow us to control our water use much more accurately (as we slowly move toward a rain harvesting system) and to ensure targeted watering. The soils of Florida are much more sandy than anywhere I have ever been and drip irrigation seems the best way to get water to the roots and plants.
It's working, as the sprouts are sprouting:

There is now a water faucet with a hose connector right in the middle of the garden. While I don't have pictures, there are also new additions of trees somewhere around the perimeter and plans for one more bed of vegetables.

The bulletin board was also installed last weekend and if I had had time to go out there this weekend, I would have pictures of the plexiglass door constructed by Jamey. We are now participants in the locally grown online store here in St. Petersburg: St. Pete Locally Grown : so if you're looking for fresh chemical free local produce, please think of us. All proceeds are reinvested in the garden.

Our Friday meetings are proving to help keep momentum on the many many projects we have all taken on this semester. We have a great core team and a growing number of community members and participants.

Bon Appetit will be serving food from our garden more and more as the semester wears on, and we are providing some food for a major event in St. Petersburg in two weeks.

The hard work is starting to pay off all around.

Prof. Kip Curtis
Environmental Studies

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