Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Planting season

Its that time of year again. This January represents the one year anniversary of the creation of Eckerd Colleges vegetable garden. January also means that it is time to put plants in the ground. We have already began sowing seeds into the ground. We have also started transplanting some plants. The most exciting new planting represents one of out first experiments. Eckerd has long worked on the project of removing invasive species from campus especially Brazilian pepper.We cut back some brazilian pepper and planted three young avocado trees in the garden along the Brazilian pepper tree line. The plants were donated and started by an Eckerd student. Avocado trees have very extensive and aggressive root systems that often out compete other plants within a 15-20 ft. radius. Planting these trees is an experiment to see if as the trees develop will they be able to choke out the invasive brazillian pepper.

We have also planted a new established pineapple plant. However we will have to keep it alive until for several more years if we want it to produce. Our last batch of pineapples fell victim to the lawnmower after the summer. We are rooting an addition eight pineapples to put in the ground soon.

Some of the plants we planted last year are also still producing and doing well such as many of our greens including lettuce, swiss chard, and spinach. Broccoli is also producing and we have an abundance of huge carrots.

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