Sunday, April 25, 2010

Art Explosion

On April 20th Eckerd students took part in a day of art and upkeep. Students came out to the garden for several hours to partake in art project to beautify and add character to the schools new campus vegetable garden. Art projects included creating wind chimes, painting garden structures, building seating, building flower beds, and planting flowers. In addition to beautification planting flowers also played a more functional role: that of pest management. Students took part in an effort to implement elements of integrated pest management into the blossoming garden. Students pla
nted marigolds in and the end of the beds. Marigolds produce a scent that repels a wide range of common pests from insects to rodents. Other elements of integrated pest management that were used include the release of 1800 ladybugs, and the building of structures to provide shelter for lizards. Both animals are being introduced into the garden in an effort to control pest through the means of predation. The first crops of beans and peas were harvested.

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